To introduce some of our performance.

◆ business for internet

◆Web system / Cloud based system development

  • Kokyaku-Cloud ( cloud-based customer management system )
  • Disaster Management Information System (National J-ALART cooperation and three carriers area mail correspondence)
  • Facebook page creation application (FB-KIT)
  • “Rakupo”: Loyalty Program Service
  • A suspicious person Security System (child safety net)
  • Map portal system (Okhotsk net)
  • Bacteria quick inspection system
  • Problem management system
  • Mobile portal site construction system (CMS)
and more others.

◆Windows application development

  • Cattle production management system
  • Civil engineering materials industry sales management system
  • Meat industry purchase and sale management system
  • Reservation accounting customer management system for esthetic salon
  • Departmental purchasing, sales and financial management systems for hotels
  • Work time management system (touch panel compatible)
  • Cafeteria management system (bar code correspondence)
and more others.

◆Android application development

  • GPS linked emergency call system
  • Bus timetable app
  • Clock widget
and others available.