CLOUD-based Customer Management System "Kokyaku-cloud"

Our product “Kokyaku-cloud” is cloud-based Customer management system.
feature: Web based interface( responsive design), multibyte-string support, low price, and some of the features.
Product Site is here(Japanese only).



With the introduction of mini-POS, These are to come.

  • 1. Low cost
    Because of :
    This chassis is cast by 3D-printer.(uses ABS polymer)
    Small scale analysis function (Stock control is omitted)
    We can inexpensive offer as compared to the high-performance POS.
  • 2. Easy operation
    The touch panel and simple screen allows intuitive operation. The various functions are easy to understand, so you can use them.
  • 3. Sales up
    Terminal can be connected, and can analyze sales of each week or each day of the week. And to understand the sales trends of products in this analysis function it is possible to reach to the “sales-up”.


Small-size time recorder

Time card-free attendance management system will reduce the cost and effort.

  • 1. Low price
    You can introduce this inexpensive than other products.
  • 2. Touch embossing
    Because it uses a touch embossing by NFC, time card is not required. You can also use the existing mobile-smartphone, and IC card, so you do not need to purchase a new dedicated IC card.
  • 3. Easy data output
    Embossing data is output in CSV format to a USB memory. It will reduce the trouble of typing the data to the attendance management software from paper.
  • 4. small, compact
    The base size is about 100mm2, doesn’t take space.


other product

We have any products to help your business, and we have any products to be used for local governments.

  • Loyalty program marketing system
    You can introduce cheaper than other products.
  • Early warning notification system
    Our system is a sub-system linked to the J-Alert. It will deliver the alert to local residents from the local government.
    *J-Alert (Zenkoku Shunji Keiho System) is a nationwide warning system in Japan.