Company Profile

Company Name
Kitami Information Technology Co., Ltd.
139-11, Higashi 1-chome, Miyama, Kitami City, Hokkaido, 090-0069, Japan
195-202, Sanraku, Kitami City, Hokkaido, 090-0019, Japan
Phone number
+81-157-22-9111 (representative)
FAX number
Corporation established
May 16, 2001
40 million yen
Representative Director
Akihito Abe
Detailed information

Our Business

  • Software development and system development study on the business IT (information technology)
  • And computer introduction, and consulting services related to system development
  • Software entrusted development and operational management of computer use
  • Package software planning, development and sales
  • Computers, peripheral equipment, consumables sales
  • Education on information technology, planning and organization of seminars
  • Editing of business and web content on the Internet, HP design production
    (Creating websites, CD creation, mobile CMS, web site construction and operation)
  • Application service provider business (ASP business)
  • Planning of call center and data center, management
  • The temporary staffing related to information technology (IT)
  • All business before incidental in each item
  • Niche software development business: database
  • Multimedia content (portable version and the PC version Website Design management
    CD creation, e-learning over)
  • LAN network construction, rental server management, security maintenance measures

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