Internet advertising directed to Japan

Internet advertising of Japan will probably differ with your country. Japanese in the combined advertising strategy is very important to sell things in Japan. We offer you the support of Japan’s Internet advertising.

Yahoo!JAPAN promotion ads

Yahoo! JAPAN promotion ads is the most reliable Internet advertising distribution service in Japan.
We are authorized distributor of this service.
For Yahoo! JAPAN ads that are delivered to the site that was contracted reliability with high quality content, it does not cause a decrease in the company and product image by junk site.

The contract site

There are also the contract site in addition to the above.

For optimum targeting with expertise of us, it is possible to tune the most effective ads.

Googls AdWords

We provide a service to tune the Google’s service, which is a world global standard for the Japanese market.

Google’s ads are often considered spam in Japan.
We have the skills to deliver the right ad to the end user to avoid it.

Other promotions

Other know-how about the Internet advertising is also our skill.
A service that provides this to you we do.

Consalting for EC to japanese market

About EC towards Japan, we will support you

Japan’s market not only in the Amazon, Rakuten and Yahoo!Shopping, own EC site is mushrooming.
Center of personal sales in the Yahoo auction, ebay is all there is no presence.
Japan is the home delivery is a selling very attentive service, it will be different significantly from the delivery situation of your country.
It will bridge between you and the Japanese business practices, can help you more than a culture gap.