CLOUD-based Customer Management System "Kokyaku-cloud"

Our product “Kokyaku-cloud” is cloud-based Customer management system.


Product details

Kokyaku-cloud is the card-type database system. and further by incorporating the tag system, flexible and good at cross-search, so you can use and understand easily this system.

Purchase trends and interests of customers from sales information such as configuration (e.g. age, gender,…etc) allows you to pick up quickly the information that becomes the key of the marketing.

Also it provides functions as sales support system.

Escalation of the claims in the memo comment function also follow up with the customer support in sales of your site.

It supports the management decision-making.

It has adopted a web-based interface.

Since it is a Responsive design, has the operability does not matter the device.

Since it supports multi-byte characters, it can be entered in a variety of languages.

This system supports Japanese and English as display language.


Product Site is here(Japanese only).