Our product "Kokyaku-cloud" is cloud-based Customer management system. Web based interface( responsive design), multibyte-string support, low price, and some of the features.

Internet advertising directed to Japan

Internet advertising of Japan will probably differ with your country. Japanese in the combined advertising strategy is very important to sell things in Japan. We offer you the support of Japan's Internet advertising.

mini-POS/Small-size time recorder

mini-POS is "point of sales register" of compact size and low price. It has the functions required for point-of-sales system. Small-size time recorder is very small IC card-type attendance registration machine.

web/cloud-based system development

We will develop the software of the cloud-based system using the web technology. It is independent of the device, it will provide an easy-to-understand operation and simple interface.

a variety of software development

We are developing a variety of software. business system software development / smartphone application development / other system development project

Embedded product development

Embedded software development / Chassis design / 3D printer output



Hello everyone, thank you for visiting our website. Most of the reason why I launched the Kitami information technology, because I wanted to work to delight our customers. Always in good faith in contact with your eyes, and the work to be pleased with the first. Trust is born by to continue to do so, you can obtain a good reputation, with or I have you introduce the nature and other customers, our business also evolve. I believe something that spreads doing so and work. The Japanese economy is in a very difficult situation, but the strong support the company through the Internet, and we want to be a company who can happily.

contact info

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  • 139-11, Higashi 1-chome, Miyama, Kitami City, Hokkaido, 090-0069, Japan